Montessori Madness

Montessori Madness

This is the second book in my path of learning Montessori method for educating children, but I would suggest it as the first Montessori book to almost everyone. Unlike my first book (which is another gem I highly appreciate and value in its own category), this one is much shorter and includes just a few references to other works; this is basically a book written by a parent for other parents.  A very personal book which tells the story of a father who really deeply cared about the education of his children and his amazing discoveries. Trevor Eissler does not shy away from giving accounts of his own childhood in which there were some difficult moments; his sharp analysis of what kind of education leads to those difficulties is at least as valuable as a scientific psychological research for me. Maybe that’s because I’m also about to become a father and I’m also obsessed about the process a child lives throughout his first years.

I also felt like I was having a sincere conversation with a father of three children while reading the book. A conversation not only about raising kids and education for kids but also about the meaning of education. The meaning of being really and intrinsically motivated to do something, the meaning of tackling calculus or trying to learn to play the piano. Not to have the best grades but just because making music or discovering some fundamental truths about this world is simply a lot of fun to begin with.

Eissler’s sincere description of his first experience in a Montessori classroom is what really motivated me to go and find a Montessori school to visit. His very alive and enthusiastic description evokes my empathy, it is difficult not to sense the joy of a mind which discovers a very beautiful way and new of doing things, in this case discovering Montessori method for educating children in action. And I think that’s what we need for a start, because once there is enough energy to start us going there are excellent scientific resources such as ‘Montessori: The Science Behind the Genius‘ which provides a lot of background for deep inquiry into the subject.

If you decide to explore Montessori method then let reading this book be your first step.