This summer we had a short holiday in one of the loveliest coastal regions of Belgium: De Haan. One of the interesting facts of that place is its connection with Einstein. Back in 1933, the famous scientist came to De Haan and live in villa “Savoyarde” for six months, after leaving Nazi Germany. We took the kids there to visit the places where Einstein lived, and visited the sculpture in the nearby park to commemorate this part of history.

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This also brought back a lot of memories, because during this summer holiday of 2019, I read an interesting book about Soviet Russia, translated into Turkish by a dear friend of mine. That same friend of mine gave me a book back in 2006, and it was about Einstein. Coincidentally, the sculpture of Einstein in De Haan was placed in the park in 2006! Of course, 13 years ago I didn’t know anything about De Haan, and neither could I imagine being a father of two sons and taking them there, telling my 8-year-old some stories about Einstein.

As our time perception continues to be shaped by the experiences we live, people we come across, books we read, places we visit and art we experience, I wonder what kind of stories I’ll be sharing with my kids 13 years from now. But one thing for sure, I want to continue to follow the footprints of Einstein, and explore the history of science together with my children, enriching our collective memories.