After five years and six Middelheim jazz festivals

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Our son turned five years old a few months ago, and we attended the Middelheim Jazz Festival 2016 shortly after that, for the sixth time.  This is slowly becoming our little family tradition, and it is interesting to see how he is perceiving the festival differently each year.

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This is how it all got started back in 2011, and continued one year later.

Having such a nice festival in one of the most beautiful parks in the city is something I find invaluable. It being so child-friendly is another huge plus for us. I will remember his fifth birthday together with Avishai Cohen (one of the coolest trumpet players ever), David Murray, Geri Allen, Terri Lyne Carrington, the living legend Pharoah Sanders, Joachim Kühn, and Zakir Hussain with fingers that can put you into trance (see 2016 line-up for more details).


The making of a baby jazz enthusiast: 1 year later @ Jazz Middelheim 2012

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Avishai Cohen @ Jazz Middelheim 2012

Avishai Cohen @ Jazz Middelheim 2012

Funny how time flies when you are having fun; just like the title of the first Stanley Clarke album I bought ages ago, it is unbelievable how time has passed since the first jazz festival that we have attended with our son who was a merely 1 month old baby then. Compared to the last year’s event, Jazz Middelheim 2012 was very different: It was record-breaking hot, with some interesting water sprinklers and a record number of people attending, notwithstanding the heat wave and extreme humidity. The biggest difference was of course our son, much more than a baby now, he preferred to enjoy the festival very actively instead of sleeping tucked in  a portable baby crib.

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