Yet another Scratch programming workshop for kids – TEDxYouth@Flanders 2012

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Long story short: The children were excited but I was probably more excited than them during the “Programming and creativity using Scratch” workshop series that took place at Koninklijk Atheneum Antwerpen as part of the TEDxYouth@Flanders 2012. Both the morning and the afternoon sessions went very well, and it was a unique experience exploring the fundamentals of computational thinking with children while helping them take their first steps into programming using Scratch. After this event, I have decied to publish my “Scratch Workshop Agenda” document under a Creative Commons license so that other people who would like to organize similar events could be able to take this as a starting point. It is also very nice to see that the previous version of this document had been used at the Devoxx4Kids events (held in Dutch and then French).

Programming and creativity using Scratch - 1

Programming and creativity using Scratch – 1


Scratch programming workshop at TEDxYouth@Flanders 2012

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I get very excited whenever an opportunity presents itself to introduce computational thinking and creativity to children. This Saturday, together with our young participants, I’ll be leading an introductory Scratch workshop, similar to the International Scratch Day 2012 we did in Antwerp, Belgium a few months ago. This time, the Scratch event will be a part of TEDxFlanders Youth 2012. If you browse the program, you will see that in addition to my introductory Scratch programming workshop, there are other workshops related to Lego Robotics, 3D scanning, Mars Exploration, 3D printing and many other interesting, cool topics (why didn’t they do things like that when I was a kid? Sigh! :)).

So if you are living in Antwerp, or nearby and have a kid who is curious about the world, feel free to visit to register.  While your child explores many aspects of technology and creativity in a hands-on manner, you can enjoy the main TEDxFlanders event that is barely a few hundred meters away.

TEDxKids @ Brussels 2011

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48 kids are going to get their hands dirty, soldering, tinkering, hacking, and composing. A series of hands-on workshops led by world-class Mentors will introduce the kids to a range of skills and methods. Meanwhile, grown-ups will be treated to an all day program of leading thinkers and experts. Our line-up of speakers includes: Mark Frauenfelder (MAKE Magazine), Cory Doctorow (, Tan Le (Emotiv), and Gever Tulley (Tinkering School) among others.

The world premier of TEDx Kids@Brussels will be taking place on June 1, 2011 at St John’s International School in Waterloo, Belgium.

For more information, visit:

TEDxKids @ Brussels 2011

TEDxKids @ Brussels 2011

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